Covid-19 Policy 

In line with current government recommendations there are additional studio policies which all students, instructors and visitors to the studio must adhere to, for everyone's safety. These guidelines may be changed after the next government review.


  • Do not attend if you do not feel well or have any Covid-19 symptoms. We also do not accept lateral flow tests as a negative result. 

  • You must complete a contact form before entering the studio.

  • The changing room is now open for use, however please respect other people's space.

  • Hand washing is advised on entry and there will be a hand gel station in each room. 

  • For children parents can wait in the changing room or in the smaller studio.

  • Scottish guidance suggests that face masks are worn when entering enclosed space for those over 5. We encourage this, but understand it may not be possible for everyone.

  • Please wait for the last class to leave before entering the building.


During class:​

  • Despite restrictions being lifted we are still operating at lower number to ensure social distancing.

  • For adult classes when entering the studio your teacher will direct you to laminate cards. If you do not want to be hands on corrected pick one up and place at the bottom of your mat. This way the teacher will know to keep her distance throughout the class and only use verbal corrections. However if you don't pick one up this will indicate you are happy to be corrected. The teacher will wear a mask and sanitise their hands. 

  • Scottish guidance suggests masks are not worn during exercise to allow for breathing. However feel free to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable.

  • Windows will be opened during class time and in-between classes for ventilation.

After class:

  • Please clean any equipment you have used there will be wipes available for each participant.

  • If you have put your items in a cubbyhole please use the wipes to clean this before leaving.