We offer a variety of Fitness and Flexibility classes by highly qualified teachers. Within all our classes we aim to make you our priority, through individual goals and personal attention.  Meet people, get fit and have fun. 


All Classes will start at a mixed ability while returning to the studio. During this class, throughout each exercise, different levels will be given to cater to all abilities. Students are encouraged to take the class at their own level and classes focus on developing individual targets each week. Pilates consists of low-impact muscular strength, flexibility and endurance movements. Throughout the class we emphasise proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.  


11:15-12:15pm Mixed level

8:20 -9:20pm    Inter/imp



10:00-11:00am Adv 

11:15-12:15pm    50+


5:15-6:15pm Inter/imp


7:20 -8:20pm    Inter/imp