We offer a variety of Fitness and Flexibility classes by highly qualified teachers. Within all our classes we aim to make you our priority, through individual goals and personal attention.  Meet people, get fit and have fun. 


Wake Up 
(All abilities -ONLINE ONLY)

This 30 min class uses Pilates inspired movements and deep stretches to wake up the body. The focus is on mobilisation of joints, waking up the muscles with gentle strengthening exercises and deep stretches to help increase range of movement.  This class should help the body feel loose and refreshed ready for the day. If you are struggling to get up in the morning but find heavy exercise is not for you, then this class is perfect! 

Online class are £3 per class or £9 per week

Wake up | Mon 7:00am with Clea

Wake up | Tue 7:00am with Clea                                                      

Wake up | Thu 7:00am with Clea                             

Wake up | Fri  7:00am with Clea