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Rachel Harris School of Dance was first founded in November 2019 with the first ever classes starting in January 2020. The school started with just 10 children’s classes .  Our classes were building but as many businesses we were hit hard and closed the doors during the pandemic. Though we lost many students I kept myself busy adding adult dance and fitness classes. I know these classes really helped people and was lovely to see people from all over the UK who also joined in.  We also found that the studio we hired decided to close completely going online, taking the huge gamble with very little students online, we decided to take over the lease and make 6 North Isla Street our own (later to be named Harris Studio). We spent the whole of the summer 2020 re decorating giving it a new fresh look. 

We were so glad this paid off as when classes re opened we had students return and despite still having restrictions we were overwhelmed with the support. We were glad to then receive approval for examinations with BBOdance and with our first set of exams taking place online.   Again with a second lockdown we returned online. However most students this time continued and we expanded more classes. On returning to the studio we continued to expand with exams finally taking place in person.  Since then we have gone from strength to strength with 100% pass rate and the last 3 sets of BBOdance exams students received merit -Disinticion*.  Some of our Adult dance and fitness classes have been fully booked and most importantly regulars continued to progress through the grades.   

Finally from September 2022 We also opened our second studio: Lewis Studio (Yes another summer holiday spent doing up a studio), which allowed us to expand opening more classes and welcoming new teachers. With classes running in both studios and Amazing group of teachers joining our team I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 3 years. We continue to aim to offer both Dance and Pilates classes for all ages and abilities. The school only has highly qualified teachers to ensure every class has the highest of standards with each member continuing their training each year.

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